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Winston  Picture by  BiggBoss (6K) Winston Zeddemore

"I love this town!" Winston Zeddemore "Ghostbusters"

Winston Zeddemore joined the Ghostbusters as a backup man. Although he has not the scientific preparation of the rest of the team he has proven himself to be a good and valuable help in ghost busting. His past is not known but probably worked as a security guard*.

Winston Zeddemore is the 4th and last GB of the team. someone even says that he's the best one. That's becuase Winston represents the "normal" guy without any of those supernatural stuff in his mind and no tecnical preparetion.Therofore he act and react as we normally would do if we , one day, should find a Spook in front of us. This characteristic allow him to translate Ray's and Egon's technical geargon in to a more english language. See for that the GB2 scene in Lenny's office where Ray and Egon try what they have discovered about the slime, while the 2 doctors uses complicated words ; Winston expose the fact in a much more simply and direct way. also while in Ecto-1 ( GB1) Winston recall's in mind what the Bible said about the Apocalypse , example of his normal school preparation and what kind of books he has in mind. (and not only Tobin Spirit's Guide...).

The discussion about Winston as a Ghostbuster can be a little longer. In fact Winston should not ever existed in the original script but Dan and Harold finally added him. What is more is not even featured in the first movie poster. In Ghostbuster he has less lines tan any other of the quartet and in pan & scan version of the movie did not certainly helped him since he was cut in a notable number of scenes. Fortunately in GB2 he as a more important role , helping Ray and Egon in their research. It the desire of a lot of people that in GB3 Winston would have a even more increased importance in the plot thant in the previous movies

* In the original script Winston should have been a security guard for the GB , however Ramis an Dan trasformed him in a Ghostbuster in the last draft

Ernie Hudson

Fact Box
Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Date of birth 17 December, Benton Harbor, Michigan, USA. Spouse 'Linda Kingsberg' (1985 - present); 2 sons 'Jeannie Moore' (1963 -) (divorced); 2 sons

Ernie Hudson (8K)Hudson studied in both University of Minnesota and Wayne State University where he graduated. He also attended the Yale University School of Drama to develop his acting skills.

Other than studies he was involved with the U.S Marine Corps.


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