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How SFX for GB3 should be done?
Tons of CGI (78)* 46%
Classic Way ( as GB1) (74)* 43%
Don't Care (6)* 3%
Don't Know (11)* 6%

Total: 169 votes.


Which piece of equipment is the best?
Proton Pack (73)* 55%
Trap (9)* 6%
PKE Meter (7)* 5%
Slime Blower (6)* 4%
Ecto 1/ 1A (28)* 21%
Containment Unit (5)* 3%
Ecto Goggles (3)* 2%

Total: 131 votes.

Personal Vote: Proton Pack.

The Proton Pack is a great piece of equipment, too great. It wins hands down. Not even the Ecto-1 can reach it as the gap between the two is no less than 34% The other entries got almost the same amount of votes in a rage of 2-6%. New record :131 votes. Thanks

What do you think of gb.com?

What do you think of gb.com?

Excellent (20)* 40%
Great Design but Lacks of Contents (24)* 48%
Great Contents but Bad Design ()0%
Very Bad (6)* 12%

Total: 50 votes.

Personal Vote: Great Design but lacks of contents

From a design point of view the design sucks, it relies too much on the Flash plugin and the HTML-only version loads lot of pics with no text contnects.Finally the form page are not looking so good.But for the casual users or the no-website-builder, the Flash presentations with sounds and SFX will kick-in-their-eyes. That is why most of the votes went to the Great entries and only a few stated the the site actually sucks big time.

Would you buy a eventual new GB2 Special Edition if you already own the standard one?
YES,of course (44)80%
ONLY if I can sell the old one (3)5%
NO way! (2)4%
Don't know (6)11%

55 Total Votes

Personal Vote: YES,of course

It seems to me that Columbia knows how to make business, since 80% of the voters _will_ buy a second GB2 DVD, the idea of releasing a second disc and , therefore, let the customer spend twice the money works. Of course we got to remember that we are ghosrhead , we'd probably pay even 10;000 (10.000) $ for everything Ghostbusters. Only 3 persons demonstrate some logic :) and even fewer would feel offended and would not get the DVD. As expected there's alxzys the little portion (6) of individual how doesn't know what to do. Finally , This is the most voted poll so far ( as for 20 July 99) Thanks! & continue!

Will you get a DVD/DVD-Rom player now that you know that GB/GB2 DVD will be for 29-Jun?
YES! ASAP (10)27%
NO (6)16%
Yes BUT not immediately (11)30%
Already have a DVD-player (10)27%

37 Total Votes

Personal Vote: YES! ASAP

I expected more from the "DVD Fever", instead of a numours Yes ASAP, we got a more moderated y"yes but not immediately. The real surprise has been the number of people already equipped with a DVD Player. Finally, the 6 voter of no indicates that there's still room for VHS versions or that we are not THAT crazy.


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