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Every Ghosthead would like to be a Ghostbuster therefore we build a prop Proton Pack, traps, found a GB franchise in our country or play the RPG game. There's also an alternative way: play videogames based on the "Boys in gray"...

This is the purpose of this page: collect every GB related video game and make it available for download along with any other infos pertinent to the fact such as docs or cheats or reviews or screenshots or sound files.

Ghostbusters movies and Animated Series have been released in the '80 a period were the Computer Entertainment scene were dominated by Family Consoles like the Nintendo NES or by Systems like the Amiga or Atari ST. Unfortunately, the IBM PC was a minority at that time so almost all the VG presented here are not designed for a DOS/Win or MacOS systems but have to be used on emulators. These emulators , which are provided with the game on this site, make it possible to run progs for Amiga on a PC systems for example. Explanation and help to let you play them w/o troubles are given on the different pages.

HighlightsCool related stuff is avaible here

GhostbustersAll kind of stuff on the videogames based on the "Ghostbusters" movie. All the platforms are covered.
Ghostbusters IIAll kind of stuff on the videogames based on the "Ghostbusters II" movie. All the platforms are covered.
The Real GhostbustersAll kind of stuff on the videogames based on the "The Real Ghostbusters" spin-off. All the platforms are covered.
New GenerationAll other GB related unofficial games such TC, custom levels and tweaks.




Downloading console game's ROMS files is forbidden by copyrights laws unless you own the original game and download the ROM files only for Backup purposes.

***Download the files at your own risk***

Emulators, in the other hand, are perfectly legal and can be freely downloaded.

The IBM PC Ghostbusters II game can be freely downloaded since the copyrights have expired