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Egon Spengler by BiggBoss  6K)Dr. Egon Spengler

"...human Computer" Harold Ramis "Making Ghostbusters"

Dr. Spengler his our "Big Brain" guy. He is responsible of all the equipment we use every day, from the Proton Packs to the PKE Meter. Spengler lives for the science, anybody knows how many doctorates he has , however he seems to have excellent knowledge of physics ( to build the Proton Pack), Chimestry and , of course, super natural. He loves to collect Sponge and foungus, probably for scientific purposes and even once treid to make and hole in his head in the name of human knowledge. After been left over from the University he founded the Ghostbusters. After the "Gozer Accident" he retired himself in the private research, studing the human emotional reaction in different ambient circumstances. with Ray, the first to put his interest on the "Vigo Case".

As the opposite of Ray, Egon is the emotionless , ultra ratinal being of the busters. He never jokes and always search for a scientifc explanation. However, we have seen him starting a little flirt with Janine in GB1 although this one never evolved. In Ghostbusters 2 he changed , unfortunately, in some ine more "human" not always joking but more reactive to Ray's and Peter's lines and that is a little pity.Althoug is the most rational of all Egon can my simpathic especially when dealing with Janine or in situation which are not designed for him as the scene in GB2 where the GBs drill and hole in First Avenue.

Harold Ramis

Fact Box

Birthdate: November 21, Birthplace: Chicago, IL Occupations: Actor, Director, Writer Relations: Wife: Ramis, Erica. Education: Washington University, St. Louis, Missouri

Harold Ramis performed at the Second City, Chicago before moving on, with John Belushi, Joe Flaherty, Brian Doyle-Murray, and Gilda Radner, to the Lampoon Radio Hour and The National Lampoon Show. He returned to Second City to work on SCTV, but left in the middle of the second season, to complete Animal House. Ever since, he has written, directed, or performed in the biggest comedy films in the last twenty years including Caddyshack, Meatballs, and Ghostbusters. While at SCTV, Harold Ramis was responsible for station manager Moe Green and Crazy Legs Hirschberg.

Also, Ramis is a brother of the Zeta Beta Tau.

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