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Peter Pictrure by BiggBoss (6K)Dr. Peter Venkman

"Don't look at me , I think those guys are completly nuts" Peter Venkman "Ghostbusters II"

Dr. Venkman has a Doctorate in Psycology and Para-Psycology.When at the University with the other Ghostbusters he used to study the effect of electroshock in paranormal skill on humans being (and by the way get date with nice female subjects). He got the idea of starting a ghost realted business based on Stantz and Spenglers studies' results. After destroying the Shandor Building he went in to the show business with a talkshow programs called "The world of Psychic", which did not have all that success , fortunately for him "Vigo" case started and he got back to the ghostbusting.

Well, describing Dr. Venkman is not an easy task. A simple and superficial way is to describe him as "nuts". However, Peter is sharper than he seems. He's not nuts is only "communicative" and a damn joker who can take stuff too seriosly. His communication skils allow him to be the spokesman of the Ghostbusters. While Ray and Egon are responsible for the technical part of the job, the demain of Peter is everything which is related to Public Relation and Business. Famous is his speech after the Seadwick Hotel bust or his participation in the New York court regarding the NYC total black-out at the begginnig of the "Vigo" case.

Venkman phylosofy is a mix of "Carpe Diem" and "Don't worry ,we will handle it somehow". This particularity has made of Venkman the most funny Ghostbuster of the quartet.

Bill Murray

Fact Box
Occupation: Comedian, Actor, Writer Date of Birth: September 21, Place of Birth: Wilmette, IL, USA Sign: Sun in Virgo, Moon in Aquarius Education: Attended Regis College Relations: Wife: Margaret Kelly; kid: Homer; brother: Brian Doyle-Murray

C/O Creative Artists Agency 9830
Wilshire Blvd Beverly Hills,
CA 90212 USA

Home Address

RFD #1 Box 573 Palisades,
NY 10964

Thanks to Isabel Stafurik

The idea that Bill Murray could have ended up as somebody's doctor is too terrifying to contemplate. Luckily, he was put on probation, and he subsequently dropped out of college (and pre-med studies) after being busted for pot possession at O'Hare Airport. Murray followed his older brother Brian into Chicago's famed Second City improv group, then hooked up with Gilda Radner, John Belushi, and Dan Aykroyd to make The National Lampoon Radio Show, and a later Lampoon cabaret revue in New York. Murray signed on with Saturday Night Live and quickly became famous for a roster of classic characters like Todd the nerd and Nick the sleazy lounge singer. Murray's cocky, cynical persona translated quickly and successfully to the big screen. With his pitted skin and rough features, he's an unlikely leading man. Still, despite one misstep (The Razor's Edge) and some nasty comments about Disney�"Well, they have a reputation of being very difficult to work with and very tough with a buck and stuff like that, it's all true"�Murray is aging like a fine, somewhat saucy red wine. Rent Groundhog Day or Ed Wood if you need proof.