W elcome the the Ghostbusters interactive Story Homepage!!!I'm very happy to present you this new feature of ECTO-WEB. Having tested the concept my self , before applying it to the GBs , I can guarantee you that this worth the visit!!

B efore starting this (endless?) adventure let's clarify how it works, what it does and what YOU do with it, however don't worry is easier to actually use it than explain how it works!:



This is an interactive story , this mean you interact with it. Therefore we are not talking here about another GB an fic you read and collect, but a "living" story where you are both part of and creator of.



The Story start with a Chapter (although it's called chapter is not so long) which introduce you to the environment, the characters, and the general set up.

Then at the end of the story you will be asked to make a choice and CHOOSE HOW THE SITUATION WILL EVOLVE

In the case the path you have chosen has no sequel WRITE IT YOURSELF.

Example :

"Ray was walking around the long corridors of the Sedgewick hotel. Suddenly , behind a corner he see Slimer. Realizing that none can help him he understand that he must decide what to do. Slimer is still eating with non curance in front of Ray at something like 4 meters from him"


1. Let Ray call the guys with his walkie-talkie and wait for backups
2. Let Ray arm his PPack and try to get Slimer by himself.

By clicking on one of the two possibilities shown above you decide as you were Ray what to do , consequently the story will evolve in a different way depending upon you selection.


In not finished : You can add you personal input to the Story!!

Let's use the same example as above:

The Following Chapter appear on screen :

"Although terrified as never before Ray find the force get the PGun from his back.. With his hand shaking he aim the weapon to the ghost and shoot. A golden wavy stream of light illuminate the rooms as it try to reach the spook who escape trough a wall"

Choose :

1.Let Ray continue on is way and try to find the ghost again
2. Call Venkman with the Walkie Talkie.

.....And so on.....


Hey wait!! Anyone as never written this possible story evolution!! Do it !!!
A form appear to complete with the Chapters, the Authors name (You) and the Two other Choices to add


Therefore as you can suppose :

1. Not only the Story could be endless or contains multiple episodes since the Reader write the sequel to it but also
2. It can be re experienced choosing different paths



Tips and Tricks for a better exercise:


Recommendations (Important)

By clicking on the link above you will be leaded to the first chapter of the story. This is what I written to let the story begin. Actually none of the choices have a sequel but it's you turn to complete them. This permits you to have total freedom on the events.

Don't be afraid, things are difficult at the beginning but within a few days the story will start to take shape and be fun.

Just start it!!



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