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Louis Tully

"I don't think is human." Egon Spengler "Ghostbusters"

Louis is our accountant and lawyer. We first meet him in the "Gozer Case" in where he turned up to be the Keymaster of Gozer. Later when the black out of New York brang us to the court we were forced to ask Louis for help as a lawyer. Since then he has stable work in the GB.

Louis represents the comic part of Ghostbusters. While a principal character in GB1 as a minion of Gozer the Gozerian he came back in GB2 has a supporting actor in the most crazy scenes in GB2 where he started a flirt with Janine and "saved the day" versus Vigo.

Moranis interpretation of Tully is perfect , he is the only actor capable of such a performance. Just remember the part where Louis tries to enter the Firehouse in the credits scenes of GB2 or his lines when possessed by the TerrorDog in Egon's office.


Rick Moranis

Fact Box

Date of birth 18 April, Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Relations Education :

Rick Moranis was born 18 April, in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Details on his childhood are scarce but one can imagine what it must have been like. With his awkward appearance and a last name any school bully would love, it must have been quite harrowing. Regardless of how it went though, one thing is clear, he came out of it laughing and with a great sense of humour. He has learned to use his appearance to his advantage by making people laugh. He is completely at home with comedy: mind, body and soul. He has a firm grasp on physical comedy and is also very witty. In interviews, Moranis has shown that he is much more than the nerdy persona he usually plays, he just knows how to use what he's got. Moranis got his start in comedy while still in highschool with a job writing for CBS radio and television. Obviously he had demonstrated a knack for laughs at an early age. He soon began appearing on various television shows such as 90 Minutes Live and The Alan Hamel Show. His "big moment" was yet to come though. His friend Dave Thomas, who was a regular on the hit television series SCTV, asked Moranis to appear in a sketch with him as a replacement for John Candy. The two created the now legendary characters of Bob and Doug McKenzie, two beer- guzzling, hockey-loving ultra-canucks from the Great White North. The characters were originally written as a form of protest against the Canadian Government, who had set up requirements for "identifiable Canadian content" on all their television shows. Thomas and Moranis wrote the McKenzie brothers as a conglomeration of every possible Canadian stereotype. The two characters became a huge success on both sides of the border and propelled Moranis into the limelight. In an ironic twist of fate, he and Thomas were also both awarded the Order of Canada, an honour they received for their contribution to Canadian culture. As the McKenzie brothers, the two also recorded an album which won two Juno awards and was nominated for a Grammy. Next to come was a McKenzie brothers movie called Strange Brew, which had the two caught up in a plot for world domination during a beer run in a bizarre parody of Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Moranis soon began to pop up in more and more features and has become one of the biggest names in comedic and family films.

He first appeared in such hits like Ghostbusters and Little Shop of Horrors, playing nerdy little characters. He continued the trend with Spaceballs, Parenthood and My Blue Heaven. He appeared in Honey, I Shrunk the Kids which was a tremendous success with both young and old alike. Two sequels to the franchise have followed, Honey, I Blew Up the Kid" and Honey, We Shrunk Ourselves. The first sequel was a disaster but the latest was a straight-to-video success. Along with Disney Productions, he developed a theme park attraction based on the franchise called Honey, I Shrunk the Audience in which the audience is made to feel as if they are ones who've been shrunk.

Moranis has most recently appeared in such kids films as Little Giants, The Flintstones and Big Bully. Recently Rick started up his own production company and now makes most of his own films. He has definitely come a long way from the awkward kid from Toronto and although he hasn't exactly stretched much as an actor, he continues to please. He has become hopelessly typecast but I doubt many people (children especially), and Moranis included, mind that very much.