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Last Update : 13 June
Added the undocumented difference in the Ecto-goggle scene

Slime HR

Thanks goes to :

: for writing the comparison between P&S1 and P&S 2 which I used for reference
for his description of P&S3 appeared on Starz used for further reference and the pic provided here.
Riccardo Durante who helped me in the analysis process

From to day Ghostbusters has been reproduced on videotapes several times. As any movie released to theater , to fit the TV screen , which is smaller and , most important , has a different aspect ratio , the movie image has to be cut on the sides. Process called
Pan&Scan. As long as we knew since today Ghostbusters features 3 different kind of cutting which lead us to 3 different Pan&Scan Versions. While the first two, very well documented byon his DMZ site, has been for Videotapes replication the 3rd appeared only recently in a Startz re-Airing of the movie. documented it.
Now , there's a surprise, I found some weeks ago a French Videotape with a layout I've never seen. I got it and watched it and to by Surprise a 4TH PAN&SCAN VERSION came out from watching. In this page I'll report particularities of the forth unexpected version.

The Box

Why should I care about the box?
You should since this released is un-documted. Release. The last known videotape of GB is dated as GBHQ report. Now this version has a Copyright marked on the backside of the box. (You can't read it due the the size of the Image but trust me.)
You should care because the box has different layout. While similar to other released this box has its unique characterization.
You should care because this seems to be have been released by Kids Video Collection, responsible for the RGB videotapes. Here again no one knew about a GB movie release by this firm.
You should care 'cause it's new.

Look below for details.


Click on the Picturrs for larger version

Ghostbusters Video Box - Back Side CLICK FOR BIGGER (22K) Ghostbusters Video Box - Border Side CLICK FOR BIGGER (10K) Ghostbusters Video Box - Front side CLICK FOR BIGGER (14K)

The Back side present 2 never-used before screenshots in new position. Notice the " Glowing Reliability Label" which certificate the officiallity of the tape. Take a look at the Exclusive "Duplicated on Sony tape" label on the right side. Such a logo never appeared in any previous GB release. The intro text also changed; it reads ( translated from French:)

A little curiosity: the French name of Ghostbusters is "S.O.S Fantomes" (literally : SOS Ghosts) , however in this version the box uses the original English title. This is not the case with my old GB tape dated of.

The only thing to notice here is the 'Kids Video Collection' Logo . The front side present the standard"Look-the-cloud" poster. The difference is where the Names are positioned , above the Ghostbusters title in a V shape. Also the "Supernatural Spooktacular" line ("Le Spectacle Supranaturel") is below the title and not above it. Of course , look at the Kids Video Collection" Logo in the upper right corner.


The Cassette

The cassette that comes is Blue-Electric with the Copyrights of. Unfortunately I haven't a screen shot actually; I'll add it ASAP.


The Movie

Before going for the Pan&Scan test I've made some routine checks. I've checked sound and image quality The movie does not come from a blue tinted film as P&S 2. The quality itself did not changed , the tape did not suffer any restoration work. I run all the videotapes I have ( GB1 P&S1 3 moths old got from the Virgin megastore , P&S1 French got in and this) and difference were only visible between the tape and the rest of the test battery, probably because of its age. Sounds as well , have not been restored, additionally, SFX seemed worse in this version. I can't be sure however , this is a VCR/TV dependent result and he TV I got was not excellent, it did not even features dual speakers.

The real news there is the Pan&Scan editing. So what about it? To simplify we can state that this version is mostly a mix of P&S 1 and P&S 2 which some new cuts. There here presented here scene by scene.


The following scenes description are based on R.Haslewood work.Althogh his text lines are reported , only the infos for the P&S4 has been rewritten. For the complete document and Parallel P&S1 and P&S2 comparison visit Haslewood's DMZ site. Every description about the P&S4 are written by myself. P&S3 Characteristic has not been encountered during analysis process.

UNIVERSITY: Scene with people entering Weaver Hall

VERSION 4: Only one person is shown on screen. A little portion of the Waever Hall sign is visible. As shown in the bitmap It sounds strange , but t I've seen it this way!

LIBRARY: "This reminds me of the time you tried to drill a hole through your head." "That would've worked if you hadn't stooped me."


VERSION 4 : The Guys are always visible during this scene.

LIBRARY BASEMENT: Just after the bookshelf falls down and Peter says "This happened to you before? Oh, first time?"


VERSION 2 / VERSION 4 - Camera cuts directly to the next scene where the three men continue searching for the ghost.

Scene when the three men are walking back to the University - Egon is lagging behind, making calculations


VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 - Egon is on the extreme left of the screen

First shot of the Firehouse interior. Camera starts on Egon & Peter, then Peter says "It seems a little pricey for a unique fixer-upper opportunity."


VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 - Camera starts on Egon as he inspects the firehouse

DANA'S KITCHEN: Dana opens the fridge door to see the Temple of Gozer and the Terror Dog


VERSION 1 / VERSION 4- Terror Dog opens it mouth and says "Zuul!" The blinding light in its mouth occupies the entire frame

FIREHOUSE: Egon removing the "suction cup" wires from Dana's temples


VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 - Egon is on the extreme left while he removes the suction cups

DANA'S APARTMENT: Peter asks "Just you? (living in the apartment)" and points to Dana with the arial of the Ghost Sniffer


VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 - Camera stays on Peter for the duration of the lines

DANA'S APARTMENT: "What is that thing you're doing?"


VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 - Both Peter and Dana visible in the frame

DANA'S APARTMENT: "That's the kitchen, huh?"


VERSION 2 / VERSION 4 Camera stays on Peter

SEDGEWICK HOTEL: Manager is informing the Ghostbusters of the history of his "problem". Egon asks "Did you ever report it to anyone?"


VERSION 4 : This may sounds weird but I've seen all the guys at the same time with no absence no pabn no camera changes.

ELEVATOR: The whole scene

VERSION 1/ VERSION 4 Camera stays on Ray and Egon throughout the scene

BALL ROOM: Ray seek Slimer with Ecto-Goggles

VERSION 1: An indicator of colors displaying shades of green is seen on the lower part of the screen

VERSION 2 / VERSION 4: The indicator is cut.

BALL ROOM: "I'm fuzzy on the whole good/bad thing. What do you mean bad?"

VERSION 2 / VERSION 4: Both Peter and Ray are visible in the frame before Egon comes into view to explain the "crossing of the streams"



Black "widescreen bars" appear at the top and bottom of the screen - USA Today frontpage appears and occupies half of the frame

New York Post enters the scene and occupies half of the frame on the right

Time Magazine stops at left

Omni Magazine stops at left

The "Atlantic" appears on the right of the screen as the Ghostbusters exit the Sedgewick

The "widescreen bars" disappear as Peter, Ray and Egon jog towards the screen with their particle throwers in hand

Widescreen bars appear again as the "Globe" slides to the right and pauses before exiting autographs

FIREHOUSE INTERIOR - Peter and Ray exit Ecto1

VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 Ray not visible as Peter tells him he doesn't look good. Only Peter, Janine, the desk, and Winston are visible in the frame

OUTSIDE SYMPHONY HALL - After Dana says "I'll see you Thursday":

VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 Peter is still visible as Dana walks towards the Stiff

SHANDOR BUILDING ROOF - Statue of Terror Dog:

VERSION 2 / VERSION 4 Almost full statue visible as the camera pans around

SHANDOR BUILDING - Corridor on the 22nd floor:

VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 Camera stays on Dana as she walks past Louis' door

"I have a date coming":

VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 Camera stays on Dana after her lines - Louis walks into the shot

FIREHOUSE BASEMENT - Con Ed man walks toward the shut-off lever:

VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 Pete Venkman is on the extreme left of the frame

FIREHOUSE EXTERIOR- Louis is the last to exit after the storage facility explosion:

VERSION 2 / VERSION 4 Doors not visible - camera follows Louis as he walks away before he says "This is it. This is the sign"

INSIDE JAIL CELL - Before "So be good...":

VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 Both Ray and Peter visible as Peter says "So be good, for goodness' sake"

ROOF OF THE SHANDOR BUILDING - After Dana and Louis turn into dogs:

VERSION 2 / VERSION 4 Venkman is on the left of the frame - Ray is also visible

ON THE EDGE OF THE ROOF - As the Staypuft marshmellow Man walks down the street:

VERSION 4 Both the GBs and Stay visible during the scene as Egon says "Sorry Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought"


VERSION 1 / VERSION 4 "Widescreen bars" are thin

Comments? !


Original document, scenes titles & VERSION 1 and VERSION 2 VERSION 4 & Ecto-Goggles scenes ECTO-WEB Formatting by Raffaele "BiggBoss"