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new design After yet another year Ecto-Web is back again with a new final design. The last re design was not that great after all. Only a few pages feature it and it is not complete.Just be sure to use a modern browser. I'll add new stuff fisrt.

"Reitman on DVD" video has been added to the DVD section. This is a video I got from a CTHV DVD and as far as I know it has never been avaible in US

ghostbusters spoof Ghostdusters has been added. See it it is hilarious.


In Columbia Pictures releases Ghostbusters. Learn about the movies in this section, read analysis, beyind-the-screen trivia, Video and Audio clips and other stuff


The greatest Ghostbusters Videogames coverage on the net. Includes screenshots, reviews, box scans, downloads, feature articles and everything related


The Soundtrack section provides resources on the music and songs featured in the GB productions including RealMedia, lyrics, artists bios, movie connections and more


Ghostbusters stuff from all around the world. Ghostbusters is a global phenomenon, it has movies and cartoons has been released all over the globe. But how it looks like? Find it out in the International section

GB Art

This is supposed to be a page where to expose your Ghostbusters' related graphics creations

The Team

Character description , actors bios, infos and filmography with description are found in this section with also pics

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