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Slimer in French

French GB2 Novel

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France Flag (8K)"SOS Fantomes"

Last Update : 3 August
Added French Audio clips!

French Name:SOS Fantomes ( literally : SOS Ghosts)
Movies have been released:12 December (France, GB1)

Movies Translation & Audio

How Ghostbusters/Ghostbusters II sounds in French? Is the translation any good? Does it render that sense of fun? An how's the voice of Peter or Zuul? Here's a collection of quotes and sound clip from the French movies ,sometimes the results are quite unexpected!


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NERD:   The effect!? I tell you what effect is pissing be off!

NERD:   L'effet!? Je vais vous dire moi que est-que c'est..C'est leffet Ras-le-bol!!

NERD:   The effect? I'm gonna tell you what is's the "I've enough" effect! (aproximation of a slang expression)

LENNY: Is that true?
PETER: Yes , it's true this man has no dick

LENNY: C'est vrai?
PETER: Oui, c'est vrai , cet homme est un chatré.

LENNY: Is this true?
PETER: Yes it's true , this man is a castrated

LOUIS: Oh, Dana, it's you.
DANA: Hello, Louis
LOUIS: You gotta come in here, you are missing a classic party
DANA:Yes, well, I would louisbuty I have a date coming over.
LOUIS: You made a date?..tonite?
DANA: Well,I..I'm sorry Louis ..I forgot
LOUIS: Oh, that's ok you can bring him along
DANA: All right maybe we'll stop by ok?
LOUIS: That's great!, I'll a tell everybody you're coming, We're gonnal play Twister or we gonna do some break dancing
. Let me in! It's Luois, somebody let me in!

LOUIS: Oh, Dana, c'est vous..
DANA: Bonsoir , Louis.
LOUIS: Vous auriez du venir , c'est vachement chevrant comme fete .
DANA: Avec un grand plaisir , mais j'ai invité un ami ce soir
LOUIS: Vous l'avez invité ..ce soir?
DANA: Oui, j'ai..excusez moi Louis..j'ai oublié
LOUIS: Oh, ca fait rien il a qu'à venir avec vous
DANA: Oui, on fera peut-etre un saut , apres dinné

LOUIS: Oh, Dana, it's you.
DANA: Good evening, Louis
LOUIS: You should have come , it's a way cool party
DANA:With pleasure, but I have dated a friend this evening tonite
LOUIS: You have dated him this evening?
DANA: Yesl, I..sorry Louis, I forgot about it
LOUIS: Oh, that's not important he can come with you
DANA: Yes, we gonna make a visit maybe, after dinner

RAY:You know, it just occured to me we havern't had a completely successful test of this equipment
: I blame myself.
PETER: So do I.
RAY: No sense worring about it now.
PETER: Why worry? Each of us is wearing an unlicensed nuclear accellerator on his back

RAY:Vous savez qu'on a jamais verifié que notre equipment etait perfectment fiable?.
EGON: Mea Culpa
PETER: Comme tu dis , oui.
RAY: Tant pis, Il est trop tard pour s'en faire .
PETER: Ben voyons, on va pas s'en faire paerce-que on porte en toute illegalité des accellerateurs nucleaires sous nos combinaisons

RAY:D'you know that we never verified that or equipment is totally reliable
EGON:Mea Culpa
PETER: As you say , yes.
RAY: Anyway, it's too late to worry about it..
PETER: Well, we are not going to worry because we are wearing l nuclear accellerators on our suits illagally

LIBRARIAN: What's that has got to do with it?
PETER: Back off man I'm a scientist.

LIBRARIAN: Mais n'a aucun rapport!
PETER: Uhm, toi tu te tire he? C'est moi le charcheur.

LIBRARIAN: But..this have nothing to do with it
PETER: Uhm, you go aawy, I'm the researcher

PETER: Hi I'm Peter. Where are you from ...originally?

PETER: Salut, moi c'est Peter. D'ou veniez vous...avant d'etre revenant?

PETER: Hi, I'm Peter. Where you came from..before being a revenant?

GOZER: Are you a god?

GOZER:Es-tu un dieu?

Gozer : Are you a god?

WINSTON: Hey Ray, Do you remember something in The Bible says about the last days when the dead would rise from the grave?
RAY: I remeber Revelations 7:12 "And I looed as he open the sixth seal and behold, ther was a great earthquake;and the sun became as black as sackcloth and the moon became as blood
WINSTON: "and the seas boiled and the skies fell"
RAY: Judjement Day..."
WINSTON: ..Judjement Day..."
RAY: Every ancient religion has its own myth about the end of the world..".
WINSTON: Myth? Ray,has it ever occured to you that maybe the reason we've been so busy lately is because the daed have been rising from the grave?"

WINSTON: Eh, Ray. Tu..tu te souviens de ce qu'on dit dans la Bible quand on parle des dernier jours..quand les mort se levent de leur tombes?
RAY:Apocalypse Chapthere 6 verset 12,"je regardais quand il ouvris le sixieme seaux a ce moment il y eu en grand tremblement et le soleil devient noir comme un sac de crames et las Lune entire devient comme du sang..
WINSTON: "Les iles changerent de place et les etoiles de ciel tomberent"
RAY: Le Jujement Dernier.
WINSTON: Le Jujement Dernier
RAY: Dans tout les religions il y a ce mhyte de la fin du monde..
WINSTON: Mythe?, eh!, Ray,Tu t'es jamais dis que , au fond, si notre petit boulot marchait vachement bien , ces temps ci, c'est peut-etre que ca y est , que les morts se levent vraiment de leur tombes!?

WINSTON: Hey Ray, Do you remember what what is told in the Bible when we talk about the last days, when the dead will raise from their tombs?
RAY: Apocalypse Ch 6 verse 12 "I was watching as he opened the 6th seal, in this moment there was a great earthquake, and the sun became blacks as a bag of carbon(?) and the whole Moon became as blood
WINSTON: "The Isles moved and the Stars of the sky fell."
RAY: Judjement Day..."
WINSTON: ..Judjement Day..."
RAY: In Every religion there's myth on the end of the world..".
WINSTON: Myth? Hey Ray,did you ever told you that if your little job is work so well is because, this is it, the dead are raising from their tombs?

PETER: We came, we saw, we kicked its ass!
HOTEL MANAGER: Did you see it? What is it?
RAY: We got it!
HOTEL MANAGER:What is it? Will there be more of them?
RAY: Sir,, what you had there is what we refer to as a focused non-terminal repeating phantasm or a Class 5 full-roaming vapor Really nasty one too!

PETER: And now let's talk seriosly.Now, for the entrapment we're gonna have to ask you 4 big ones , 4K dollars but we are having a special this week on proton charging and storage of the beast and that's only gonna coming to 1K$,fortunatly
HOTEL MANAGER: 5000 $ ?I had no idea it'd be so much. I won't pay it
PETER: Ok,that's all right,t, we can just put it right back in there Thanks Raymond.
RAY: We certainly can , Doctor Venkman...
HOTEL MANAGER: No, no, no... no... Allright , anything
PETER: Thanks so much
RAY: Thank you, hope we can help you again Coming through one Class 5 free-roaming vapor!

PETER: On est venu, on l'a vu, il l'a eu dans le cul!
HOTEL MANAGER: Vous l'avez vu?Que-est que c'est?
RAY: Nous l'avons!.
HOTEL MANAGER: Que-est que c'est? Ne va pas-t-il faire des petits?
RAY: Nous avoins à faire à ce que nous appellons dans notre gargon un concentre de chimeres a apparition repetitive ou un corps astral flottant du type 5 Autrement dit, un sacré bislard!
PETER: Bon maintenant venons-en aux choses serieuses Capture de l'ectoplasme, ca va etre chaud je ne vous le cache pas, nous vous demandons 4K$, mais , par contre, on est en plaine semaine de promotion sur les recharges de protons et le stockage de monstre alors de ce coté la ca vous ne fera que 1K$ seulement
HOTEL MANAGER: 5K$ dites-vous? J'etais loin d'envisager une somme paraille ..Je ne paye pas
PETER: Bon dans ce cas on va le relacher, c'est tout. Raymond!
RAY: Bien sur! Tout de suite Dr Venkman
HOTEL MANAGER: No, no, no... no...C'est entendu!
PETER: Merci beacoup! A votre service.
RAY: J'espere que vous fairez encore appelle a nous! Laissez passer le corps astral du type 5!

PETER: We came, we saw him , he got it in the ass!
HOTEL MANAGER: You saw it? What is it?
RAY: We have it!
HOTEL MANAGER:What is it? He's not going to have childrens?
RAY: We dealt with, as we caall it in our gergon, a multi-repeatitive concentation of gas or an astral body of Type 5, aka a really bad one
PETER: And now let's talk seriosly.Capture of the ectoplasm, this gonna be hot, I'm not going to hiding it, we're asking for 4K$ on the other hand , we are in the middle of a promotional week on Prton recharges and stocking of the beast, so for this we'll gonna ask you 1K$ only.
HOTEL MANAGER: 5000 $ ? I didn't immagined such a high fee. I do not pay!
PETER: Ok, in this cas we'll set it free, that's all.Raymond!
RAY: Sure, immediatly Doctor Venkman...
HOTEL MANAGER: No, no, no... no... Ok,I got it
PETER: Thanks a lot.. at your service
RAY: I hope you will call us again! Let the Type 5 astral body going!

PETER: He Slimed me....I feel so funky!

PETER: I'l m'a tout englué..oh ce qu'e me sent poisseaux.

PETER: He gooed me entirely..oh .. I feel so slimy.